Four Ponds Investing combines digital efficiency with a personal touch to increase the odds you will enjoy a successful investment experience. The platform is designed for those looking to delegate oversight of their portfolios at a lower-than-usual cost without sacrificing the involvement of a trusted, personal advisor. 

David McPherson, CFP®

David McPherson, CFP®, founder of Four Ponds Financial Planning LLC, created the Four Ponds Investing platform to help financial planning clients implement investment recommendations and serve prospective clients who might be seeking guidance for the first time.

We're not an algorithm

The big difference between Four Ponds Investing and online-only investment platforms is that investment changes are implemented by a real person and not by an algorithm.  

How it works

The Investment Machinery

Four Ponds Investing utilizes technology from Trizic to make it easy for you to open accounts on your behalf at TD Ameritrade Institutional, one of the leading third-party custodians serving clients of independent advisory firms like Four Ponds.

An Investment Plan: Customized for You

After completing a simple questionnaire about your investing experience, timeline and risk tolerance, you will receive a recommended investment plan that's truly tailored to your goals.

Opening the Accounts

Upon completion of the questionnaire, the Four Ponds Investing platform will walk you through the steps to complete the digital paperwork needed to set up your accounts. During this process, you will receive an email from TD Ameritrade Institutional asking you to verify your identity, review the forms and provide digital signatures.

Automatic Rebalancing: Keeping You On Track

To keep you positioned to benefit from the potential growth in all the various asset classes, your portfolio is continuously monitored and automatically rebalanced so that it remains aligned with your recommended plan.

Your Portfolio: Diversified and Optimized

Your investment plan will feature a diversified portfolio made up of different kinds of investments across asset classes, industry sectors and geographic regions with the goal of maximizing your returns for the risk level you are assuming.

Money Management: Intuitive and Tax-Aware

You can easily transfer money in and out of your accounts with just a few clicks. Behind the scenes, our powerful technology determines the optimal mix of securities to buy and sell, considering costs, tax consequences, and more.

Investment Philosophy

Based on decades of academic research, Four Ponds stresses proper asset allocation over picking hot stocks or trying to outguess the markets. It relies on passively managed funds that keep your costs low and improve the chances you will capture the market’s long-term returns.

We construct portfolios made up primarily of stock and bond exchange traded funds (ETFs). In some cases, low-cost mutual funds may be used. Each portfolio is tailored to your individual risk level and designed to maximize tax efficiency.

Fee Structure

Four Ponds Investing fees are well below what many other investment advisory firms charge. We do not strive to compete strictly on price, but we do believe thanks to technology we can deliver quality investment help at a lower price without sacrificing personal service.

Four Ponds investment supervisory clients are assessed an annualized asset-based fee that will be calculated based on the reporting period ending value of the account.  These fees will be billed quarterly, in arrears, and per the following table.


Assets Under Management

Annual Asset-Based Fee

First $1 million


 Next $2 million


 Amounts over $3,000,000


About Four Ponds

David McPherson, CFP®, founded Four Ponds Financial Planning in 2007 to provide sound, objective financial advice to clients looking for help with their investments, retirement planning and other money-related needs.

He is a former journalist who worked for several New England newspapers, including the Cape Cod Times and The Providence Journal, where he wrote and directed coverage of banking, investing and personal finance.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stonehill College and a certificate in financial planning from Boston University. He is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and Financial Planning Association.

David’s personal interests include running, hiking and other outdoor activities. For many years, he coached youth soccer and as a result became an enthusiastic soccer fan. A current focus is his goal of hiking the 48 Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Four Ponds Financial Planning LLC

The name is derived from the Four Ponds Conservation Area located a short walk from David McPherson’s home in the Pocasset section of Bourne, Mass. Four Ponds features miles of walking trails that make it a popular destination for short hikes and a favorite place for mountain bikers and trail runners. A silhouette of the ponds that give the area its name is the centerpiece of the Four Ponds logo.


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